The First Descendant

It all began 100 years ago.

The Vulgus crossed over the dimension, destroyed castles, and used humans as sacrifice or experimental subjects.

Then the Colossuses appeared, devastating literally everything on earth.

Humans who managed to survive gathered in Albion, preparing for the last battle.

It was then the Magisters, a certain group of Vulgus with high technical skills, who joined them.

The chosen humans became Descendants

The Magisters were determined to not allow their weapons to be used to destroy Ingris any further.

And above all, Arche found in humans’ genes was a genuine heritage which had infinite potentials.

By joining with the Magisters, humans saw significant progress.

They began to use guns and gunpowder instead of swords and shields, and a group of chosen humans awakened their Arche and became Descendants.


are superhuman beings who are physically strong and have magical abilities; they are believed to have similar power with the Ancestors, who only exist in ancient records.

Every Descendant is strong enough to handle the Vulgus alone; a team of Descendants can even defeat a Colossus.

Thanks to the Magisters’ technology, Descendants are reviving hope for humanity across the continent.

Yet, humans are still exposed to many great dangers.

The peace of Ingris is in the hands of Descendants

heading to Ingris; Karel, the new leader of Vulgus with greater power than ever, is trying to bring destruction.

The peace of Ingris is in the hands of Descendants, who inherited their power from the Ancestors.